William T. Carson & Rebecca Rothfus Harrell: SOURCE MATERIAL

June 16th - August 11th, 2018

Opening Reception
Saturday June 16th, 2018
5:00pm to 8:00pm with the artist in attendance
Facebook event link HERE.

Artist Discussion & Catalog Signing
Saturday July 14th, 2018
5:00pm to 8:00pm - discussion begins at 5:30
Facebook event link HERE.

2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 111, Austin, TX 78702

Limited Edition Exhibit Catalog

This perfect bound soft cover catalog is limited to an edition of 60.  Sized 9" x 6" , each copy is signed by the artist.  Contents include: 

  • Photos  of all artworks in the exhibition
  • Photos of the exhibit installed
  • Artist statement
  • Artist biography
  • Artist CV

Cost of $20.00 each includes any applicable taxes.
Catalogs can be picked up from gallery in Austin Texas.  All deliveries require an additional packing & shipping charge.

PURCHASE online HERE or contact the gallery.

View ARTWORKS by Rebecca Rothfus Harrell currently available on the Artist's page HERE

View ARTWORKS by William T. Carson currently available on the Artist's page HERE

CAMIBAart is excited to present the highly anticipated two-person exhibition “Source Material” featuring William T. Carson and Rebecca Rothfus Harrell.  Both artists have a common interest in geology, natural materials, and the environment yet their artistic techniques and approaches are distinct. 

Viewers familiar with these artists will find the artworks created for this exhibit resolutely continue their artistic trajectories.  Rebecca’s newest geology and mineral based abstractions continue to be forged on paper, but now are presented mounted on wood panels free of glass, allowing for a wonderful intimacy and personal connection to the works.  The artworks William constructs for us here continue to explore form and composition while using mica, white sand, and acrylic in addition to his signature coal. 

More than simply an exhibition of two artist’s artworks, both artists created the works for this exhibit independently but yet in tandem – talking and visiting with each other periodically about their ideas, influences and developments.  Join us for a thoughtful exhibit exploring Light, Texture, Gesture and Color.

In William’s own words:

"Something I admire about Rebecca’s work is the ambiguity in her pieces - scale and identity of the abstraction is in constant flux when I look at her work.  In putting together work for this show, I wanted to respond to these scale shifts in Rebecca’s work.

"When Rebecca first mentioned her interest in mica, I became excited about the prospect of learning more about this material’s history and applications. I started grinding up pieces of mica in my studio and combining the powder with coal dust to create a surface on the paintings that shimmers and reflects.  By mixing mica powder pigments with acrylic medium, I started airbrushing to create soft, iridescent color gradients.

In Rebecca’s own words:

"My initial approach to the two-person show with William was to reflect on his material choices (coal) and start with a response to his formal aesthetic and concepts behind his work.

"I came to this show with a goal of removing the grounding component (usually the horizon line) and abstract my source imagery to a greater degree. Instead of using multiple minerals to fabricate a landscape, I utilize one source mineral, enlarging and rotating to find the final image within a single mineral structure.

In her own words:

My work resounds in expressionistic landscapes where elemental energies of wild places converge. The physicality of paint on canvas allows me a space to experience and share nature's dynamic, ever changing color worlds. I work with the poetics of movement, intuition, improvisation and play, and with a committed practice of awareness and a sensitivity to the unfolding creative process which, itself, crafts and reveals meaning. 

Information about William T. Carson and his artworks are HERE.

Information about Rebecca Rothfus Harrell and her artworks are HERE.