Guided Tours curated by Camiba Art

Camiba Art is interested in contemporary concept-based art, with an emphasis on materials, quality of craft and attention to detail.  The works of the artists selected for these tours embody these qualities.  Their work can also be described as: layered, colorful, structural, and dynamic.  Tour-goers will see a wide range of materials and methods, and through one-on-one talks with the artists, are certain to learn something about the process as well as the art.

2014 East Austin Studio Tours presented by Big Medium.

This event spans two weekends and has over 300 open artist studios, plus a long list of related openings & events.  It's a great way to explore the local art scene, but many find it difficult to decide where to go and how to get there. 

Camiba Art curated and guided a tour of 10 of our favorite studios.

There were two separate tours, each exploring 5 unique studios, on 4 separate days.  Artist at every studio gave a brief talk and/or demonstration of their work, then tour-goers had time to walk the studio, enjoy the art and talk one-on-one with the artist. 

The 10 artist studio's visited are: Ender Martos, Paul Clarence Oglesby, Michael W. Hall, Sarah Collins, Katy David, Melissa Borrell, Scott David Gordon, Rebecca Rothfus, Andrew Anderson, and R.J. Oehler.

The photos below are a partial documentation of these tours.