Edward Lane McCartney

Artist's Statement:

I come from a metalsmithing background. For the last five years my work is primarily collage and assemblage in both two and three-dimensional forms. I work with a variety of media, usually what is most immediately at hand and what surrounds my everyday life, paper, found cardboard, plastics, metals, objects, and most recently reclaimed wood from the craftsmen bungalows being torn down in my neighborhood. This latest series I call, Restorations. The work for my solo show in January 2016, Media Whore, the persistence of making, explores themes of the diversity of media I work with in conjunction with "the media", social and otherwise, and its effects on my work and human beings in general. Like Restorations my other series, Cartoneros, uses found cardboard arranged in cardboard jewelry boxes and simulates aerial photography landscapes.  I am exploring themes of social change, environmental change, and wealth disparity.

 In 2011 I was awarded a scholarship for a seminar course about and to study with Venezuelan artist, Carlos Cruz-Diez during his retrospective at MFAH. His ideas on art as experience have influenced my work. Many of my pieces are interactive with the viewer and change visually depending upon from where they are viewed.

I have broad interests and my work often revolves around what is of concern to me at any given time.

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