Ender Martos

Artist's Statement

I grew up in Merida, a Venezuelan city built where the tectonic journey of the mighty Andes comes to a close.  Like the mountain range that surrounded me, I had a rebellious nature throughout my teenage years.  The discomfort of growth translated to my artistic expression, lushly, viscerally, but also erratically.  My earliest attempts in artistic expression gasped for air, but I found they shriveled once they reached the surface.  Unlike those majestic peaks, the structures I built, so to speak, did not hold.

I discovered the influence of structure in the creation of art through the discipline of Technical Drawing.  Five years of rigorous enrollment taught me to appreciate art as a kind of architecture, in which the meticulous negotiation of design enables the creation of artwork.  Technical instruction gave me a language upon which to build expression.  The language of structure revealed the elegance of temperamental peaks upon which I lived, in which no crease or violent drop is a random occurrence, but the precise byproduct of a natural force that is expressed.  Likewise, my artistic process is often self evident; many of my works depict a contrast of precise, rhythmic, multi-chromatic lines and shapes.

Contrast and movement feature prominently in my work, along with explorations of symmetry that experiment with variation in color and shapes.  Some of my work is inundated with geometric abstraction of color and a dynamic composition of repetition and progression of lines.  I am currently experimenting with the incorporation of new materials such as Plexiglas and fishing line, developing new work that pushes the boundaries of the language of structure and aesthetic expression.

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