Katy David

Artist's Statement

I create my artwork using a centuries-old technique called Pysanky. This is a batik process using beeswax, a small heated funnel, and aniline dyes on eggshells that results in intricately layered patterns of color, geometry and two-dimensional line on a three-dimensional surface

I combine elements of traditional Pysanky design, Japanese textile patterns, Aboriginal forms, Middle Eastern decorative motifs, and modern forms and sensibilities. The challenge is to loosen or even set free the pattern from the traditionally rigid framework without losing the rhythm that gives it life and grace of form. All this must happen within the enclosed frame of the eggshell without feeling cramped or limited in scope. I believe that the art forms of the past can teach us patience, explore culture and forgotten beliefs, and communicate what is otherwise easily overlooked. With my Pysanky, I hope to not only keep the technique alive, but also the meditative and spiritual aspect that is necessary to create and view such an art form, an exercise for both the artist and the viewer. Using traditional symbols and techniques combined with my own more contemporary ideas, I hope to combine past and present in a heterogeneous and lively form.

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