Margaret Smithers-Crump

Artist's Statement

My work focuses on vulnerability, growth, powerlessness, and transformation within natural cycles of life.  It addresses the passage of time, the maturation of beauty, and the inevitability of disintegration.  This dual relationship of death and renewal has historically been at the epicenter of philosophy, mythology, and diverse systems of belief.  Exploring these concepts of strength and fragility, I use translucent Plexiglas as my primary art material.  It can function as painting substrate or as a substance that can be manipulated.  I can cut the material into shapes, bend or melt it with heat, chemically bond disparate pieces, sand it down to receive diverse art media, and even etch the surface.  I frequently work with multiple forms that are staged into arrangements to present a particular condition or moment in time.  Additionally, while Plexiglas is relatively strong, its glasslike appearance suggests fragility; by extension, it implies the possibility of breakage and acts as a metaphor for existence.  It is this tension between the beauty of the material and its apparent vulnerability that I find so fascinating.

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Artworks by Margaret Smithers-Crump are included in the following CAMIBAart exhibits:

Truly: Imagined – December 2015

CAMIBAart Gallery Artists – November 2015

Cycles of Life – May 2015