Michael W. Hall

Artist's Statement

I am entranced by ideas of travel and of sneaking into hidden worlds. I spend much of my time moving alongside America's railroads, stealing rides while sending scrawled images, coded messages, and inside jokes to other track-side lurkers across the country. Much of my abstract work is inspired by the feelings I have while hiding in the shadows beneath bridges, sitting unseen behind bushes, waking up on a stopped train to discover I don't know what state I'm in.  I work predominantly in watercolor and gouache, as well as latex paint for mural work.

In addition to chasing trains and painting, I was one half of the experimental psychedelic music duo, Ospreys, touring extensively from 2005-2009, designing and screen-printing tour posters and self releasing a handful of small-run cd’s with screen-printed covers. I have written about my experiences riding freight trains over the last 12 years for Faded Glory magazine, and for the French book about North American boxcar art, Outside the Box. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and lived in Philadelphia, PA for thirteen years before relocating to Texas in 2012.

My current paintings are focused on notions of motion. My watercolors suggest blurred trails, as if something you've only just missed has already moved out of sight. Other works in gouache seem reminiscent of secret openings, holes cut into fences. It's not difficult to connect my twisting lines of color to the ornate network of train tracks and wooded trails that criss-cross my world.

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