Orna Feinstein

Artist's Statement

Monoprint, Orna's favorite media, is a unique process in which one can use a combination of painting and printmaking techniques. It results in a one of a kind image and some effects that cannot be achieved in any other form of art. Orna’s passion lies in experimentation and innovations in the field of monoprint making. This has led to printing on non-traditional materials like plexiglass, boards and fabrics thus creating monoprints that are textural, dimensional, and kinetic.

Orna's art begins with an observation of nature, and ends up in an abstract creation. The beauty of nature, its color, texture, and energy attract and inspire her work. In particular, Orna finds the tree trunk to be nature's most intriguing object. When the trunk is sliced horizontally it reveals a repetitive and meditative pattern of rings. When sliced vertically, it reveals more complex and puzzling linear and circular patterns. Such duality is a great metaphor for Orna's creative process.

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