Rachel Kalisky

Artist's Statement

I find each piece to be as much an exploration as it is an expression.  My passion for glass and the need to design makes it an ideal medium for me to express my fascination with form, color, light and textures.  Working with glass challenges me, it feeds my curiosity, stirs my emotions, drives my need to design and my nature to create.

Artist's Bio

In her previous career as a designer, Rachel Kalisky was known for her contemporary interiors, straight lines, bold colors and her willingness to tackle and design challenge.  She worked in the corporate and industrial design world for more than 20 years, creating interior spaces for retail stores, banks, offices, developed corporate branding designs, and even designing computer cases and packaging for several major computer companies.

Rachel started her glass career unintentionally when she attended a fusing workshop with a friend.  She immediately became intrigued with the medium and decided to pursue this new direction in glass.  To further her interest and knowledge, she attended Red Deer College in Calgary and Pilchuck Glass School in Washington.

She quickly received recognition of her work; in 2004, Rachel became a finalist in the E-merge glass and the First Texas Juried Glass competition, receiving the Jurors Award of Merit.  She was one of five finalists in the 2006 Niche Award and a finalist again in the 2007 Texas Juried Glass II competition.  She was included in the E-merge Showcase of Rising Talents in Kiln-glass book and has been included in multiple magazine and newspapers profiles and articles.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous prestigious museums and galleries including Cornell Museum of Art in Florida, Art Museum of South Texas, and the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia.  She now works out of her studio in Austin, Texas.

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