Tahila Xicahuamazatl Mintz

Artist's Statement

My creations are me inquisitively working to understand myself and how I exist in the world with the amalgamation of my background and life experiences.  My creations are me developing a way to communicate about topics of guardianship, land resources, empowerment of women, spirituality, circular time, and being contemporary Native American.  Through my creative work my mind leaves the intellectual deciphering of how the world is and allows me to discover new truths. 

I am a Visual Story Teller, specifically utilizing a variety of mediums and modes of production.  Within the mediums and my subject, I find the freedom to explore, learn, and communicate.  Each mode of production is aligned with a series.  For me, my series overlap and combine to create a cohesive body of work. 

Out of respect, ceremony is not a place for photography.  Therefore in my Time Non Linear series I make abstract wet color photograms, utilizing alternative processes to express deeper investigations into ceremony. With drums pounding the rhythm of the heart beat and native voices high, I center into the pure darkness of my laboratory and use ceremonial objects to move with the energy of creation. Linear time for us is a learned system. For our tribes, time is in relation to space and is cyclical. Based in space, we orient to the world through the four directions, above and below.

I am at the cross space of spirit work and contemporary identifications.  I am here at the meetings of the past, present, future and intersection of worlds.  Creating artwork is my way to share the access that I am given, to hold myself accountable, to look towards preservation, and to demonstrate the strength of humanity.

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