Winston Lee Mascarenhas

Artist's Statement

I am a restless innovator and explorer of textures, colors, and space. For the last two years, I have been preoccupied with the relationship between music and bias-relief encaustic paintings. I have experimented with an endless array of possibilities and potentialities, capturing in wax both the chance encounters and the metered structures of life, love, music, and art. Through works on paper and, more recently, large-scale installations, I continue to use mark making with encaustic as a way to instigate a conversation about beauty, order and harmony.

Over the last year, my interests have turned towards a new preoccupation with the life-cycle of my materials. After devising a careful de-acidification process, I am now using reclaimed cardboard as my substrate, pairing the temporary with the permanent—encaustic being one of the most durable media in art history.

It is important to me that the process be evident to the viewer. While the final product can be reduced to its parts, there is a complexity—both in the making and in the final outcome—that is elegant and sophisticated. The torn texture of the cardboard is contrasted with the satin-finish of the beeswax, each highlighting the imperfections—voids, globs, and stray bits of original color. Forms on the wall that appear to be reductive minimalist blocks at a distance are revealed to be invitations to worlds within the folds of the cardboard lapped by bands or ribbons of smooth wax, extravagant and sensuous—an invitation to beauty even in the wasteland.

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