Zoë Shulman

Artist's Statement

My work employs painting, drawing, and mixed media to visualize geometries that subvert traditional painting canon. These geometries emerge from mapping the theoretical spaces described by post-structuralism, geography, complexity, feminism, and cyber and queer culture.

I work both on and off the wall, drawing attention to and confusing a viewer’s awareness of their own body’s movements within illusionistic, sculptural, and architectural spaces. To achieve this, I design, sculpt, paint, and install substrates to activate unique surface qualities that emphasize the viewer’s physical relation to the work and enhance its overall illusion of movement.

Throughout my work, brightly colored Cartesian grids, fractals, concentric squares, and circular forms connect and contradict diametrically opposed perspectival planes to reveal a greater relativity beyond closed systems. As a result, the viewer may experience recognition, confusion, order, and a chance to decipher space, yet be overwhelmed by flatness.

Ultimately, I intend to discover how these optical tensions can topologically bend painting to the point of ideological collapse and reform it into a more subversive medium with multi-dimensional and cross-disciplinary potential.


Artist's Abbreviated Biography

Zoë Shulman is a painter from Austin, Texas. In 2013, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting and Drawing with a minor in Art History from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. During her studies, she travelled abroad to Italy and Ireland, where she developed her artistic practice amidst rich European cultures.

Since graduation, she has exhibited works at international venues, as well as local galleries, museums, and universities. Notable exhibitions include “The 2014 Minnesota Biennial” at the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul, “The 20th Anniversary Burren Annual Alumni Exhibition” at the Burren College of Art in Ireland, and “The Nasty Women Exhibition” at the Knockdown Center in New York.

She recently completed artist residencies at Starry Night Retreat in New Mexico, The Banff Centre, The Vermont Studio Center, and Kleindorf Art in Germany. She lives and works in Austin, where she is represented by CAMIBAart Gallery.

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Artworks by Zoë Shulman are included in the following CAMIBAart exhibits:

Zoë Shulman: Circuit Topology – February 2017

CAMIBAart Gallery Artists – November 2015